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The Remote Start Facts YOU NEED!

Every year as the weather gets cooler there are two thoughts that we dwell upon:
“Where did the summer go??” and “Winter. Snow. COLD! I need a remote start!”
And every year we are inundated with calls asking how much they are. Well the economy demands that we spend wisely and save anywhere we can. But we believe that the key is to buy WISELY, not CHEAPLY. What follows is a quick guide to what you need to know, and what you should ask of any shop before entrusting your vehicle to them.
BRANDS: Like just about everything these days, there are dozens of brands of remote starts. Like just about anything, there are varying quality levels and features. We’ll talk about desirable features later. For now, simply realize that a remote start interfaces with every vital system in your computer controlled vehicle. Buying cheap is asking for trouble. Especially when you consider that the cost difference between a quality remote start versus a bargain basement model is generally between $10 and $20. There are many resources available to help you decide whether or not the remote start you are considering is a quality model. Or you may always just call us!
FEATURES:BEFORE you ask for a price on a remote start, it is important to determine what features you want or need. Again, everyone starts with; “How much is your cheapest  remote start?”. But if it doesn’t do what you need it to do, then the price doesn’t matter does it? Here are the most important issues:
1-     Range! Don’t think about starting your car in the driveway in the morning. Think about where you park when you are NOT at home. You WILL want to use it wherever you go. Cheap out on the range, and you will be cursing at your remote start when you get out of work or leave the mall. Also realize that all range ratings are based upon unobstructed line of sight use. In actual use, that will be rare. Rule of thumb is get the longest range you can afford. You won’t regret it.
2-     Features! There is a long list of features available today. For brevity, we will stick to the basics. Keyless entry allows you to lock and unlock doors from the remote. Most newer vehicles come with it. Most customers simply find it more convenient to have everything on one remote, and the cost difference is small. On some vehicles it is necessary (ask us for details). Power trunk release. Same explanation as in the keyless entry scenario. Heated seats and/or rear window defogger activation. This useful option may be added to most remote starts at minimal cost. Range options. As described in item #1, this should be an important consideration. Our units range from up to 800’ to virtually UNLIMITED range (really!)
3-     Installation! NOBODY asks about this! Why would you let anyone touch your vehicle without knowing their qualifications and training? Think about it. Would you let an amateur rewire your house? The technician working on your vehicle should be MECP (Mobile Electronics Certified Professional) certified. He should be factory trained and authorized. He should have at least 2 years of experience before working on your car alone. IMPORTANT: Most issues with remote starts are not defects in the unit. It is either an install or programming issue. Know who is working on your car!
4-     Interfaces! These are sometimes called “security interface”, “computer interface”, “transponder interface”. Almost every vehicle on the road since the late ‘90’s has some kind of computer interface needed for ANY remote start to work with it. Regardless of brand or where you purchase it. And yes, the interface can add significantly to the cost of your system. Essentially, where we could originally just splice in at various locations in your car to install a remote start, in today’s multi-computer controlled cars just splicing in means towing it out! The interfaces we are using today are updated online the day we install it so that you are assured of the best and safest performance. In many cases, using these interfaces reduces the number of connections under dash by as much as 70%. It also allows for many more useful options at little or NO additional cost (depending upon the vehicle). Two important things to remember here. Don’t get sucked in by a low advertised price. Get the complete price for YOUR vehicle. Make sure all parts and labor are included. The second is that there are some older style interfaces that do not offer the upgrade capabilities or features that the latest models do. Cheap gets you CHEAP.
There is more to know, and our professional associates are able to answer any of your questions. Every sales associate at Premier Car Audio is also an install tech. You’re not getting a sales pitch. You’re getting the facts you need. Call us for your remote start or ANY of your 12 volt needs. There is a reason why we have been doing this for 30 years when dozens of others have come and gone.
That’s my story, and I’m sticking to it.
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